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Chest and abs


Today I warmed up for 2 sets @135lbs 

5 x 5 @ 225lbs

165 lbs repped out for 20!

Incline machine

160lbs for 10 reps, and 2 sets of 225lbs for 5 reps

Decline bench

135lbs for 10 , and 2 sets of 225lbs for 5 reps

Cable crosses

3 sets of 10 @ 30lbs

50 Pushups

Crunch machine

3 sets of 35 reps with 15lbs


Yesterday I started taking Renewal spray, so far I have noticed a slight increase in energy and focus. Still to early to make any other judgment, as for the taste its kind of like watered down vodka.

My current weight was 168.5lbs.

Today we did the 5x5s again, gotta love them.

Flat bench:

5 x 5 @ 230lbs then I did 135lbs till fail and I got 30! only hit 23 last week.

Incline Smith machine

5 x 5 @ 180lbs

Decline Dumb bell flies

3 sets of 10 @ 40lbs

Pec deck

3 sets of 10 @ 130lbs supersetting with push ups till fail.

5x5s are KILLER! try them out.

till tomorrow.

Chest workout 5×5

Today I did a 5×5 work out, its like the 10×10 but 5 sets of 5 reps and heavy! As always warm up, I use the machine chest press on 85lbs and just loosen up a bit. I did NOT do any abs because im a super sore. Tomorrow I will do crunches and planks (Wednesday is my off day. Sometimes ill jog).

Flat Bench

5×5 @ 225lbs  then I repped out 135lbs for 23!!

Incline Dumbbells

5×5 @ 75lbs

Decline Machine

My friend and I went a little crazy with this one!

230lbs for 5 reps

270lbs for 5 reps

320lbs for 5 reps

340 for 3 reps ( left arm failed on the 4th)

back down to 320lbs for 5 reps

Pec Deck

3 sets of 10 at 115lbs superset with Pushups till fail.

This was a great workout and I had an insane pump after, I’m going to hurt tomorrow.