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Abs and cardio

Today I jogged to the gym ( about 3/4 mile), rode the bike , keeping my heart rate above 135bpm, for 25 minutes with a 5 minute cool down.

Then 3 sets of 20 weighted sit ups (5lbs, next week will be much more)

Leg lifts
3 sets of 15

Planks 3 sets till fail.

Rope crunches
3 sets of 15 @ 65lbs

Then I jogged home, well most of the way haha. Tomorrows Bis and Tris.
Do It!


Back and Shoulders more 5×5

I started out the same as last week with Bent over bar bell rows

5 x 5 @185lbs

Seated close grip rows

3 sets of 5 @180lbs and 2 sets of 5 @ 200lbs

Weighted lower back extensions

5 x 5 @ 45lbs (plate)

Weighted pull ups

4 sets of 5 @50lbs and last set no weights untill fail, and I surprisingly got 21!


5 x 5 @ 50lbs


3 sets of 20 @ 55lbs ( dumb bells)

I’ll also be doing about 170 crunches before I go to bed. Tomorrow’s a cardio or off day.


I was given a few samples of CytoSport Monster Milk at the GNC a few weeks ago and finally got around to drinking it. My opinion of this protein is its one of the better tasting. Monster Milk mixes very easy just with my shaker, blender not needed. 50 grams of easy digestible protein, can’t beat it!

Yesterday I started taking Renewal spray, so far I have noticed a slight increase in energy and focus. Still to early to make any other judgment, as for the taste its kind of like watered down vodka.

My current weight was 168.5lbs.

Today we did the 5x5s again, gotta love them.

Flat bench:

5 x 5 @ 230lbs then I did 135lbs till fail and I got 30! only hit 23 last week.

Incline Smith machine

5 x 5 @ 180lbs

Decline Dumb bell flies

3 sets of 10 @ 40lbs

Pec deck

3 sets of 10 @ 130lbs supersetting with push ups till fail.

5x5s are KILLER! try them out.

till tomorrow.

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In order to gain solid muscle weight bodybuilders need more food, more often.

Don’t gorge yourself, but be prepared to eat and train hard. Protein from red meat, poultry and fish build muscle most effectively. Milk by the quarts, containers of cottage cheese and lots of eggs will add significantly to your muscle bulk and power building.

Whole grain breads, cereals and muffins work well for carbohydrate and fiber intake, while potatoes, rice and pasta are the most stable and popular sources of carbs. They burn clean, and with intense bodybuilding training they’re not likely to store as bodyfat. Bring on the vegetables of your choice, variety here is good. Complex carbs, fiber abundant, vitamins, minerals and exotic micro nutrients lurk in these foods.

Between meals shakes of  protein, plus peanut butter and bananas are convenient and powerful ways to add to your positive calorie count.

I recently received my bottle of Renewal HGH workout for men. 

Renewal® HGH Workout For Men is the ultimate workout formula for serious fitness, bodybuilding and athletics.

Designed to boost performance, strength, energy, muscle mass, tone, stamina and mental focus. Increases your ability to achieve peak performance while reducing healing and recovery time.

A powerful blend of HGH, IGF-1, Growth Factors and 28 other ingredients designed to increase uptake of oxygen and the production of ATP, to improve protein synthesis and support the generation of connective tissue.

I will write a small review weekly (Saturdays) about this product and its results. Tomorrows my first day on and im am currently not taking any other supplements, just multi vitamins.

5×5 back and shoulders workout

I don’t have much time for this post so im going to get right into it.

Bent over rows(bar bell)

5×5 @ 185lbs

Seated rows

5×5 @100 lbs

Weighted Pull ups

5×5 with a 45lb plate


5×5 @ 40lbs

Front Plate raises

5×5 with a 45lb plate

Rear Deltoid machine ( reverse pec deck)

5×5 @ 100lbs

I will not be doing my bi and tri work out tomorrow but I will do some at home when i get back from my trip.

hope everyone has a great weekend.