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Bi’s and tri’s easy day

Today I did an easier workout than last week because prior to my workout i was helping a friend build a deck and had to move about 3200Lbs of concrete and dig post holes. SO I dialed it down a bit.

First I did 3 sets of pull-ups 15, 10, and 10

Bar curls 5 sets of 10 @75lbs

Dumbbell curls 3 sets of 10 @30Lbs superseting that with reverse dumbbell curls also 3 sets of 10 but half the weight, 15lbs


Tri pull downs(rope) 3 sets of 10 @50Lbs superset those with over head rope tri extensions 3 sets of 10 @ 30Lbs

Bent over tri extension (cables) 3 sets of 10 @ 20lbs

I got a very good pump out of this workout ,try it out and see.

Have a great weekend , back monday for LEGS!


Big back and shoulders 10X10

Today I did my 10×10 for back and shoulders, it was brutal! My entire body is sore for the first time in months. I took it easy on my shoulders because of pains I’ve been having on the right side (think it might be my rotator cuff).


Close grip V pull downs: 10×10 @120lbs

T Bar seated rows: 10 reps @ 50lbs , 10 reps @ 70lbs, and 10 reps @ 80lbs

Uneven grip pull ups (one arm on bar, the other grabbing a towel or rope hanging from the bar): 3 sets of 15 reps  rope in left and right hand and one set without the rope.

Dumbbell shrugs: 3 sets of 10 @ 60lbs


Arnold Dumbbell press: 10×10 @ 25lbs

And last I did Front plate raises: 3 sets of 10 @ 25lbs

Tomorrows cardio and abs but it wont be till later in then night. But i should be getting my phone tomorrow!!

Remember the more muscle you have the more your body will metabolize fat and increase your caloric effectiveness. So PUMP UP!

Hasta mañana!

CHEST 10×10 Ridiculous!!

Today I topped my best flat bench of 275lbs and hit 280lbs. I was stuck at 275lbs for about a month, todays max was alittle sloppy but much better than when I did the 275lbs. I was so happy about putting this up after so long. Check it out.

Heres my Chest workout for today:

Flat bench: Set 1,  155lbs for 10, Set 2, 255lbs for 5, Set 3, 280lbs!!!! for 1, Last Set, 185lbs for 12.

Incline dumbbell press: 10×10(that’s 100 reps remember) @ 50lbs.

Cable Crosses(drop set) 3 sets @ at least 15 reps of 25, 15 @ 20 , and 15 @ 15lbs (so that’s at least 45 reps each set).

Push ups: 100 set 1 i did 61 rest a minute or so then did 39.


Today I only did Planks for no less than a minute for 3 sets

Try it out with a weight your comfortable with and let me know what you think.  Tomorrows Back and Shoulder so till then kids …


Heading to Tokyo sushi for my Fathers birthday !! I love sushi!

OK so this is a great workout. My legs are BURNING right now.

Start with 10 minutes of brisk cardio for warm up, and always stretch before anything.

For Legs I did:

Reverse bar bell squats  10×10 @ 50lbs

Leg press 3 sets of 10 @ 150, 170, 200lbs

Seated calf raises 3 sets of 10 @ 70lbs

Leg curls 3 sets of 10 @ 80lbs

Leg extensions 3 sets of 10 @ 80lbs

Weighted standing one leg calf raises 3 sets of 10 @ 35lbs

Fo ABS I Did:

Cable rope crunches 10×10 @ 72.5lbs

Stability ball crunches 2 sets of 20

Seated ab machine 3 sets of 15 @ 20lbs ( that’s 5 straight, 5 left, and 5 right)

Give this leg workout a try you will not regret it. Remember you might want less or more weight use your judgement.

 Keep the pace up and focus on your form.

Tomorrow going to be my chest workout, you don’t wanna miss that ( my favorite day!)

See you all tomorrow !!

New phone!

Just pick up one of these puppies for next to nothing ( I have a habit of breaking my  phone every month or so) looks fun and sturdy just untill my upgrade in October!

Tomorrow Legs (which I hate) and Abs(which I hate haha) check back tomorrow for the routine.


I went over my carb intake for today but i don’t care So because 1) it wasn’t alot 2) I had an awesome workout!

For biceps i did:

Barbell curls:  50lb straight bar 10 sets of 10 reps YES 100 reps!! its a 10×10 now you know

Dumbbell hammer curls:  3 sets of 10 @ 35, 35, 40lbs

Incline dumbbell curls: 3 sets of 10 @ 30lbs

Negitive dumbbell concentration curls: 3 sets of 10 @ 35lbs

For Triceps:

Close grip bench press: 10×10 @135lbs

Lying tri extension( with ez-curl bar): 3 sets of 10 @ 70lbs

Dips: 3 sets of 12

Rope press downs: 3 sets of 10 @ 50lbs

Mondays going to be a new leg workout… enjoy your weekend !!

Friday! bi’s and tri’s

Ok so for those who dont know me my name is Ryan ive been working out ,on and off, for about 10 years, im 29 going on 30 soon and would like to become a personal trainer. I am currently a proud member of Retro Fitness.
This Friday im trying a new arm workout, which will be posted later tonight with all the reps and weights im currently doing. TRY AND BEAT ME!!